This year, you can add a little extra luxury to your festival experience by booking one of our lockers to store your belongings. Pre-book your locker now to make sure you don’t have to carry around your backpack, extra clothes, spare sunglasses, and whatever else is on your list of festival must-haves, including official ULTRA Europe merchandise.

By booking a locker you’ll be prepared for any scenario in the festival. So be ready!

The lockers will be placed after the main entrance (GA- General admission), next to the ULTRA Europe Merchandise tent and are accessible until the festival closes. You can easily share your lockers with your friends/company because you’ll have unlimited openings .

One size fits all – all the lockers are the same size (Medium)

Reserve your locker up to 24 hours in advance by clicking the button below. 

After payment you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail, your locker code and locker number will be sent 2 days prior to the festival with instructions on how to redeem your reservation.

In addition, you can also rent a locker on-site (depending on availability) on one of our payment terminals (all major cards are accepted, no cash) per festival day or for the entire period of the festival (Friday to Sunday).