Traveling to the Festival

The city of Split, Croatia can be reached by several means of transportation. The most popular are plane or bus.


The closest airport to Split is the Split Airport (or Resnik Airport) and is the only international airport serving the city of Split, Croatia. The airport is located approximately 20km outside of the city. Getting to and from the airport can be done via:

Direct Bus Line: The Split Airport has a bus organized by PLESO PRIJEVOZ that takes travelers directly from the airport to Split.

Public Transportation: Bus stop lines No. 37 (Split – Trogir; Trogir – Split) and No. 38 (Split Airport – Kastel Stari – Split; Split – Kastel Stari – Split Airport) are located within walking distance from the airport.

Uber: Available during Split Airport operating hours.

Ferry/Uber Boat: Passengers traveling from the islands can reach Split Airport via ferry or Uber Boat.


It is possible to reach Split by bus from most destinations in Croatia. If you are planning a return trip to a domestic location, be sure to check the operators and travel times. Additionally, we recommend checking the travel route (there are often two different routes that buses take which include the new highway or the “old roads” which can often affect the length of your trip).


Split can easily be reached by car from anywhere in Croatia as well as a number of surrounding countries including Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Hungary.

Transfers During the Festival

Destination Ultra
If you have purchased a Destination Ultra ticket, you will also need to purchase a ferry ticket to reach the many event locations on the islands of Brac, Hvar, and Vis. The Catamaran is the fastest and easiest way to reach Destination Ultra events and offers transportation to and from Split, as well as between each of the islands.

Tickets can be purchased from:

Split to Hvar (40 EUR)
Hvar to Split (40 EUR)
Hvar to Vis (30 EUR)
Vis to Hvar (30 EUR)

Get your ferry ticket here.