Wednesday — March 7th, 2018

20 Years of Ultra – Episode 4: The Explosion of Electronic Music

After 2010, several trends occurred simultaneously to make electronic music far more popular in the United States.

First, superstar DJs began to arise out of what was once an underground culture. Collaborations with a wide variety of pop music stars catapulted electronic music to the forefront of mainstream audiences and the fresh, engineered sounds caught on in a way that would revolutionize the scene forever.

Second, streaming live from festivals became commonplace. Suddenly, audiences worldwide could join with huge crowds in person and enjoy the same music and the same pivotal moments together.

Finally, a balance was struck that would fuel innovation in electronic music for years to come. The firm split between mainstream and underground electronic music allowed both scenes to develop independently but still influence and inspire each other.

This explosion of electronic music led to a golden age that produced some of the most pivotal moments in modern music. From the superstardom of David Guetta, to the famous Avicii/Madonnacollaboration, to the very final performance of the supergroup Swedish House Mafia, Ultra Music Festival served as the place where electronic music history was written every single year.

After many years of relative anonymity, it was now clear that the whole world was watching.